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SendFox for Divi

SendFox for Divi by LikeablePress gives you full design control over your SendFox Opt-In forms. Design your forms in real time and see the results instantly. 

Ready To Make an Impact?

SendFox is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators like you that lets you compose and send unlimited customized emails, which along  with the power of Divi and our WordPress plugin you will have complete design control over your Opt-In forms.

Build Visually

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SendFox for Divi gives you complete design control over every single aspect of your Opt-In forms

Full SendFox Integration

Feature 1


SendFox for Divi allows you to select on which list would you like to store your leads, keeping your contacts separated on SendFox. Plus you can use different lists on different Opt-In forms.

Feature 2

Success Actions

What happens after your contact fills up the Opt-In form? Your choice. Right from your SendFox for Divi module, select which action to follow, redirect to another page or URL or show a custom Success Message.

Feature 3


The ability to choose which fields you want to show and which ones you want to hide, name, last name, or both. Everything at a click of a button.
Want to change their name? You got it.

Thank you message

Thank you message

Show a thank you message after a successful Opt-In. Plus one of our best features is that you can show a Download link along with your Thank you Message, giving SendFox super Opt-In powers, now you can use it to unlock downloads all over your site.

SendFox for Divi
Unleash the power of Divi on your Opt-In forms

Responsive Editing

SendFox for Divi takes responsive design a step further by giving you complete control over every design setting on each mobile device.

Display Orientation Options

Options to display your form to the left, the right, above or below your opt-in’s content.


Wow your visitors as they scroll down the page with stunning animations that trigger when your Opt-In form comes into view.

Background Images, Colors, Gradients

Apply custom background colors, background gradients, background images to your Opt-In form.

Fonts & Text Styling

Pick from hundreds of web fonts or upload your own. Customize text sizes, letter spacing and line height. 

Drop Shadows

Add depth to your page by creating custom drop shadows. They’re easy to create.

Advanced Code Editing

Need more? Add custom CSS to any element of your SendFox Opt-In form, right from the SendFox for Divi module.

Copy & Paste Styles

Copy and paste styles across your Opt-In forms. Just select any Opt-In form and copy their style onto your SendFox Opt-In form.

Build exactly the Opt-In form you want

Download and activate the free SendFox for Divi plugin on your new or existing WordPress site and set up a new and beautiful Opt-In form in Minutes.

Tools you’ll need

In order to use our SendFox for Divi plugin, you must have a SendFox account and the Divi theme builder installed. Need a hand setting up your accounts? Need help designing your opt-in forms?
We can help.

Feature 1


SendFox is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators that lets you compose and send unlimited customized emails.

Feature 2


The Easiest and Most Popular WordPress Theme and Page Builder With Its Incredibly Advanced Visual Builder Technology

SendFox Setup Services and Configuration

Need a hand with your account configuration and setup, SendFox’s Smart Page design, using SendFox’s advanced features, or setting up your Automation?
We can help.

SendFox OptIn form Design Services

Need a hand designing and setting up your Opt-In forms? 
Well-designed opt-in forms that look like they belong to your website are key to creating trust.
We can help.