7 Ways to use Facebook to promote your Coffee Shop

How do you promote your coffee shop and attract new customers beyond the people that walk by or are already familiar with your shop? A good location, unique and consumer-friendly environment, an alternate product offering and of course great coffee is a good start, but considering that anyone can get coffee anywhere, is this enough?

For those who are based in the hipster areas of London and Bristol, you need nothing more than a sandwich board outside and a quirky “thought of the day”, however for those businesses seeking recognition in an ever-increasing market, inbound marketing becomes a tool you cannot ignore when promoting your Coffee Shop.

What incentives can you implement in your business to add to the mix, and what online marketing engagements should you invest in?

Ever wonder why one coffee shop succeeds while another fails?

The beauty of social media is its consistency and its ever-present audience, none more so than Facebook which literally has more than one billion users. The opportunities are amazing if you can harness your Facebook presence and turn it into something great.

The difference is in the promotion!

If you’ve wondered how to market your coffee shop, I’m here to show you how easy it can be.

Below are 7 Ways to use Facebook to promote your coffee shop and wow your customers.

  1. Create a facebook business page for your coffee shop

    With an attractive logo, compelling name and engaging one-liner. First impressions are everything, and your Facebook profile should be as important to you as the interior of your coffee shop. This means great content, amazing photos and excellent promotional material (mixed with information – no one likes a hard sell 24/7!)

    We also recommend you ensure your Facebook profile is a business profile rather than a regular profile, as this will allow you to track your customer frequency, locations and other demographics.

  2. Team up with another local business

    Perhaps one with a different (and bigger) following than you, and promote a competition on Facebook together. Choose a business that complements your own, for example we might recommend a cake shop for harmony, or even a cocktail bar to promote sheer ironic juxtaposition – think “fuel yourself for a big night out, with coffee and cocktails”.

    Whoever you choose, promoting a Facebook competition ensures that your business name is seen by a whole range of new and potential customers. It also gives your business the seal of approval from your new partner, making their existing customers far more likely to trust you. Trust us, it works every time.

  3. Activate geo-location so that potential customers can find you on-the-go.

    Facebook is a clever tool; almost spookily clever in fact – does anyone else see adverts for things they were casually browsing last week, suddenly appear on their Facebook timeline?! The app knows where you are as a user and can suggest local businesses to try. Get yourself on that map!

  4. Interactive campaigns such as window art.

    Installing something unique and picture-worthy in your coffee shop window – or even in the shop itself – will earn its keep in free marketing. Choose the right thing, and every young person who walks past will take a selfie and share it with all their followers, pushing your name and your shop into the wide online world without you even trying.

  5. Share your own promotion that is available only to your Facebook followers.

    There’s nothing quite like being rewarded for loyalty, and short of giving every customer a free coffee, the next best thing is to offer your loyal Facebook fans some kind of discount. By thanking them for their continued custom and support, they will start to invest a personal connection in your business. Customers for life!

  6. Online reviews.

    Ask any brand, business owner or service provider – word of mouth referral and reviews are paramount to any business’s success. We are gradually becoming harder and harder to please as a society, trusting in things only when we have been given a good reason to make the most of your great reviews by pinning them to your Facebook homepage and ensuring you read and take heed of every single one. To engage even further in the prospect of reviews, you can set up a TripAdvisor page for your coffee shop and link it to your Facebook profile.

  7. Respond to all of your comments in a timely manner.

    If someone leaves a review, a comment or a question, respond to them! All too often we see businesses neglecting their online customers by leaving questions unanswered and comments unacknowledged.

    People post to you because they want to engage with you, and ignoring them is a sure-fire way to put them off for good! Customer centricity is the way the world is going now, and it is important to remember that, no matter what platform you are on, the customer should be at the centre of everything you do.